Sunday, May 26, 2013

Potato Update and Garden Gifts

One of the potato plants died a couple days ago, while the other is flourishing. I've barely watered the pot, because I read potatoes do not like to be very wet. I've covered up the green growth with soil a couple of times, and it's nearing the top of the pot. It's looking cute!

I've been receiving some great gifts from friends!

My friend Yvonne let me know she has some seed potatoes that she doesn't need, and has offered them to me. I have a very hard time turning down free plants and seeds. Looks like I may be trying to locate some old tires to make a tomato tower!

My neighbor Linda (who dubbed me the tomato lady) gave me two of her tomatoes she'd grown from seed. I am not sure of the variety. She actually saved the seeds from her tomatoes last year, a feat I haven't tried yet. She said they are yellow and long, maybe a yellow Roma.

Casey gave me 3 cucumber plants, and a cut of rhubarb that I am going to try to establish in a large pot.

Uncle Loren had me come over to harvest some of his rhubarb (which he has a TON of!), and then he also handed me an armful of plants for the garden. LOVE IT! He gave me : 1 beefsteak tomato, 3 early girl tomatoes, 1 eggplant, 1 sweet potato, 1 yellow pepper. I am so excited! He also had something to say about the potatoes. He too, has tried growing potatoes from the sprouts of old potatoes. He said you just never know what you will get. Sure, the sprouts will make beautiful plants, but you won't know if you got any potatoes for sure. It sounds like a gamble to me, but it's a fun experiment, and we will see!

With all the freebies I've been getting, the garden is looking fuller. I am looking forward to seeing everything grow and flourish.

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