Monday, May 27, 2013

Panic, and the Plum Tree that Will Save Me

Red Plums on tree.jpg

I've already been in a mood the past few weeks. I had gallbladder surgery a month ago (and was extremely sick prior to it), and the healing process was longer than I had expected. Then the Boston bombing happened and effected me in a very bad way. I guess you could say I've been feeling 'depressed', and weak...unmotivated.

This was the state of mind I harbored when I headed out on Tuesday morning and saw a lawn service mowing the empty lot. The mower was circling around the white house that has been for sale forever (NOT Edna's house) and then on into the empty lot, which sits between Edna (owner) and the empty house.

Edna has always had a grandson do the empty lot with a pushmower. NEVER a lawn service. And the way the lawnmower was circling around, it appeared that everything was being done together.

So I naturally thought, as I stared across the street: "Oh, my god. The white house has sold, and Edna has sold the empty lot to whoever bought that house. I'm too late. Oh dear god, I'm too late and my dreams are going down the drain."

Yeah, I'm dramatic. I even cried. I had to leave to get kids to school on time, but I obsessed, tearing up. If only I'd had the guts to tell Edna how much I wanted to buy that lot!

I returned home after school dropoffs to find that only half the lot had been mowed, and the lawn service was gone. What is this? Am I saved? Looked like the service realized they had gone too far over on the property and stopped.

This episode of panic has showed me I am going to have to grow some balls if I want that empty lot. 

The plum tree will be my icebreaker, I've decided. Each year it explodes with fruit that goes bad. Gorgeous, gorgeous fruit, mind you...the best plums I've ever had. Last year Simon kept picking them, but at a certain point I felt we should ask permission. So I sent him to her door several times, where he knocked, and knocked. And was ignored. UGH! This year I will take matters into my own hands and knock on her door myself. "I just love your plum tree, we admire it every year. Do you mind if we harvest it? I plan to make plum jelly, dried plums, plum crisp. I will share whatever I make with you. Can we help ourselves?"  "Oh, and while I have you standing here, can I plant a garden on your beautiful empty lot? Pretty please with plums...on top???"


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