Monday, May 13, 2013

More Tomato Drama

I put the tomatoes out last saturday (May 4), simply because I knew there was no other option!

They had fallen over several times, pulling their twine-tape contraptions right off the window with them. They were out of control, and even though it felt just a tad too early, I took them out, one by one, and got them into the ground.

After spreading fresh compost over the beds, I used this technique to plant the tomatoes sideways.

I won't lie, it felt all sorts of wrong and I was very worried. It looked like some kind of natural disaster battlefield.

Not pretty at all. I let the plants rest for a day or two, and then put in the cages.

Added this updated pic from June 13 to show that after mulching and training the plants on their cages, all is well. :)

Checking the weather forecast for the week, I was alarmed to realize freezing temperatures were on the way. I've never covered plants up before, and didnt' feel like I knew exactly what I was doing, but I headed out to the garden armed with bed sheets and lots and lots of clothespins. I draped the sheets over the cages and started pinning the heck out of them.

I left the sheets on for the whole weekend, and each time I stepped out, I felt the chill on my own skin and felt worried and concerned. The highs were in the 50s, and each night over the weekend, temps got down to the low 30s.

Hoping that covering up the babies saved them from the freeze!

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