Sunday, May 4, 2014

Today in The Garden

I took my mug of coffee and my camera outside this morning. It was crisp and beautiful and green everywhere I looked! I have a lot of work to do today outside, and not a ton of motivation... but in the early morning before the world is fully awake, the garden is so peaceful. Going out and quietly studying each space gives me renewed determination. So much of the garden is a blank canvas at the moment, but things will be changing quickly now that May is here. I'll photograph the progress with each new month and post each new walk through!

Blueberry Bush #1
We had a very severe winter, and I didn't think our blueberries,
which we only planted last year, were going to make it. But,
they are showing beautiful green!
Blueberry bush #2...more of a 'stick', but hanging in there!

Blueberry bush #3. You can do it, little guy!

South fencerow, still in process of being cleaned up. 

Another view of south fencerow.
Brush and vine massacre ALMOST complete; straw bales will be going here

Large compost bin, cooking away

Raspberry cane: Someone or Something tore it out!

Not sure if the roots will regrow, but...

I tucked the raspberry cane back into the ground anyway.
Here's to hoping it will come back.

Giant will become very beautiful during summer.
But I keep wanting to replace it with something edible. ;)

One of our many daylillies.
Did you know you can EAT daylillies?

Garlic getting taller

Chives are getting their purple buds

Radishes, going through a growth spurt!
Kale doing nicely!

Left; direct seeded kale. Right, kale started indoors and transplanted.
A couple little cabbages are tucked in there, too.
Spinach is bigger every day.
One of the baby lettuce pots....mmmm, salad coming soon

More radishes in a pot

Cabbage in a pot

One of three cabbages in a raised bed
North fencerow, bursting with possibilities

Blackberry, looking VERY healthy, yay!

Long sticks from our spring cleanup,
waiting to become a bean teepee!

Sage greening up nicely...

...but the rosemary died over the harsh winter.

A couple of the straw bales, waiting to be moved to
the south fencerow. We will attempting to grow in the bales!

Front yard dandelion forest!
Some will be left for the bees, some will be picked for eating!

North strip of the property;
a three feet wide patch of shade that I'm determined to make use of somehow.

Looking out the front door.
This front yard has real potential...
Coming up; two fruit trees, and plans for garden beds.


  1. Everything looks great! :) Our rosemary died this year too. I've only been able to over winter it once here. Your black berries look lovely! I need to add some of those here!

  2. Everything looks so lovely :) I'm so envious of all the varieties you're growing! Can't wait to read along while everything comes into bloom.