Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Compost Ball

The husband bought it. And built it.

June 2011-Craig's contribution to my new garden obsession

We admired it. And filled it.

It makes for an interesting green globe sculpture in the midst of our garden, always in the background...

...And it provides nutrient rich, sweet-smelling compost for our plants!

We love this compost ball! We have three systems; this ball, a bin made of pallets, and a vermicompost (worm) bin. The ball is pretty and keeps all the bugs enclosed, so it's nice having it right the middle of our garden space. 

This ended up being a really awesome gift from my husband. Admittedly, it is expensive (as you can see at this link), and it's now difficult to find online. Hubby got it at a steep discount before it seemed to vanish.

Generally I stay away from expensive gadgets, and my cheap simple pallet compost bin does the job just fine. But for some spaces, having an enclosed plastic bin is almost crucial. Our tiny (but incredibly productive) garden along the side of the house is really not conducive to an open compost pile due to the space, and our pretty plastic ball is just the right fit.

Although my particular composter is now hard to find, there are TONS of options, with varying price tags, to be found! Stop throwing away yard waste and kitchen scraps and put them to good use!


  1. compost is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting.

  2. How much are these compost balls