Thursday, June 20, 2013

Plant-In-a-Bag Garden

Melon Tigger seeds. They are almost other-worldly!

So I've had this bag of potting soil sitting around for weeks. And I've had this package of adorable looking melons waiting patiently for their chance to come alive. Time kept ticking, and those melons wanted planted. Unfortunately time is also very short around here, and though each night before crashing to sleep I'd briefly try to brainstorm where I could put a container and fill it with the soil for the melons, the fact is, nothing was being done. And yet the soil waited. The seeds could be heard crying softly.

Today I took advice from a great little gardening book called Home Sweet Home Grown (I just posted a review of the book this morning, click here), and I bypassed the container all together. The girls and I got those melon seeds planted (3 of them, to ensure germination, then we'll cull all but one plant), and it took us literally 5 minutes. Voila. The laziest way to container garden! Crossing our fingers it works, and that by end of summer we'll have some of these crazy-insane adorable tigger melons!

Bag of potting soil, in lower left hand corner. Doing nothing. Note the straw bale: stay tuned for  its destiny.

Three helpers ready to plant the other-worldly melons.

Bag after being dragged (with help from said three helpers) to the back yard. Holes being stabbed into the bottom for drainage.

Bag flipped over, and hole cut from center of top.

Seed placed into hole. And now we wait!

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