Thursday, June 13, 2013

Despite the Derecho

Big storms came through our area last night (and I fell to sleep uneasily just as they started, thinking about everything that could happen, mentally going through my checklist of how to keep the family safe if I woke up to a tornado). I was having flashbacks of last summer's awful, destructive storm, hoping the city wouldn't go through the same damage again. I even learned a new word last night: derecho. It was all over Facebook, so of course I googled it;  a "long-lived, widespread wind storm associated with a fast moving band of thunderstorms" (more here on wiki). Wind. Ugh. My sleep was fitful and I dreamed of strong winds ripping apart the yard, the house, and strangely, I also dreamed of huge ocean waves.

This morning, I was pleased to find my house standing, dry, electricity on, and no apparent damage. After checking on all my sleeping family members, my next thought was the garden. Whew, everything appeared healthy, happy, and unscathed!

I even found my first two tomatoes this morning. Seeing the little green globes made my mouth instantly water, knowing the bursting happy flavor I'd be in store for, soon!

More summer storms may come, but for now, everything, including the garden, is safe.

1st tomato!!!

2nd tomato!!!

baby green bean

baby cucumber

baby basil

amish paste tomatoes

various other tomatoes and peppers

herb garden (the sage is taking over!)

Update: I went out later this afternoon, and found three more tomatoes. Hmm, I'm thinking all the stress and work of planting my tomatoes indoors too early MIGHT just pay off! This is the earliest I personally have had tomatoes peeping out in my garden. :)


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