Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Prolific Pear Tomatoes

I mentioned our pear tomatoes in an earlier blog post. I think that this amazing tomato plant deserves its own moment in the spotlight.

First of all, it has grown taller than any other plant we have in the garden. Here, Brady demonstrates its amazing height by standing next to it:

In the above pic, you can see bits of yellow poking out here and there. Once you get closer, it's almost shocking how many little bunches of fruit are hanging, in various stages of ripeness.

We harvest a handful of these juicy, delicious pears EVERY SINGLE day! Sometimes three of four of us have to fill our hands...bowls...shirt bottoms pulled up into a pocket--whetever is handy as we pass by and notice every more bunches of yellow pears.

These tomatoes are incredibly easy to pick; in fact, they like to drop off the plant with the slightest touch. This means that when little hands reach in for a ripe golden tomato, several green tomatoes may fall off with it. That's okay! We bring them all in, and the green turns to yellow in only a few days.

I have lost count of the hundreds of cute little pears we have eaten from this plant. It has been such a success in the garden, that I think we will definitely have to include it in next summer's garden!

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