Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Reading Corner-- The Curious Garden

What nice illustrations this book has! We look at the tiny details on each page over and over every time we read this story.

A little boy named Liam lives in a city that looks quite drab, and has no gardens, trees, or greenery of any kind. Even though there is no color, Liam loves to be outside, and he is VERY curious. On one of his walks he comes upon a tiny patch of wildflowers and weeds on an abandoned railway.

He begins to tend this small wild garden, and it grows beyond all imagination. Liam learns all he can about gardening and begins growing patches of flowers, vegetables and greenery all around his city. Others catch on, and soon his city is bursting with new life!

The kids noticed that many of the roofs in the city had grass, flowers, and gardens growing on them. They wondered if that was really possible. We began to talk about how sometimes the only space in a big city to grow things IS on the roof! The really cool thing is, just a couple weeks later I found an article in Organic Gardening that showed a real home with a garden growing on TOP of the porch.

Now THAT is cool!

Click here for the article that goes with the pic of this rooftop garden

Run to your local library and check it out!
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