Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our First Worm Casting Harvest

We have worm castings! The worm farm has been silently working for months, and we harvested our first batch of castings today.

I have a separate post detailing how we got those castings ready for harvest, but this is a simple journal post to show what we are doing with the castings right now. We used some, and we saved some!

We had planted our garlic a couple weeks ago and thought our castings would be the perfect snack to feed the garlic before winter sets in. We pushed aside the straw and sprinkled castings over the newly planted garlic before putting the straw back into place.

After top-dressing all the garlic, we still had some leftover castings, so we set up
a bucket for storage. These finished castings are truly gold, and none will go to waste (just look at how much they go for if you were to purchase castings!) We got a cat litter box and drilled holes into the lid for ventilation, then poured the castings in.

Noah loved helping out with the 'worm poop'. He was surprised by how good, clean and earthy it smelled. I had to laugh when he pondered quietly for a little while and then asked "Is all the dirt in the universe, worm poop?" Well, much of it is, Noah....worms are so important to how our soil works!

We can add to the bucket when our next worm castings are ready. We hope to have plenty of garden food when spring arrives!
As long as you keep the container ventilated, you can store
the castings for months.

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