Monday, September 15, 2014

Simple Soothing Vegetable Curry

Every time I get ready to make a curry-flavored dish, I think of my friend, Jackie. Years ago, she had moved into an apartment and was horrified by the smell of her new kitchen. "It smells like curry! And I can't get the smell out, no matter what I do!" This was before I knew I'd eventually fall in love with the flavor of curry, so I sympathized with her. I had no idea that over the following few years, I'd start experimenting with curry powder...

 ...and falling for it. Hard. Curry inspired dishes (as long as they are not too hot) are like soul food to me. The flavor of vegetables is enhanced by curry in a way unlike any other combination of spices.

I realize that 'curry spice' as a flavor is really a generic term for a mixture of spices, and in many countries each home cook makes his or her own mix of spices--often freshly ground. As for me, I'm no curry snob. I buy the mixed curry from the grocery store. If I started messing around with my own blends of turmeric and chili and pepper for my own personalized curry powder, I'd more than likely become hopelessly addicted and eat curry every day...and then I could never, ever invite Jackie over to my house again. Let's just say the powdered curry from the store will do fine for my fix for now.

This recipe appeals to me right around this time of year because I have access to fresh-from-the-garden zucchini and yellow squash. Both types of squash are equally delicious; zucchini will add a nice green burst of color, but I like the soft glow of the yellow squash, too. Either way, the squash is the star. Well, next to the curry spices, that is. :)

Simple Soothing Vegetable Curry                                                    *Click here for Printable Recipe*
adapted from Adorable Zucchini

(serves 2-4)

1 T. coconut or olive oil
1/2 T. curry powder
1 medium onion, quartered
1 c. vegetable broth
1 medium potato, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
2 medium carrots, cut into 1/2 inch cubes or rounds
1 medium yellow squash or zucchini, sliced into 1/2 inch slices (halve the bigger slices)
plain yogurt

1. Heat the oil over medium heat in a skillet and then add the curry powder, stirring until heated. Add the quartered onion pieces and cook for 2 minutes, until edges start browning. Don't worry if the onions don't separate; they will later.

2. Add the veggie broth, then add the potato. Cook for 5 minutes.

3. Add carrots. Cook 5 more minutes.

4. Add zucchini, and cook until the liquid is mostly gone, stirring occasionally.

5. Serve it hot with fresh yogurt (a must!!!). If you have mint, that is a nice addition, too.

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