Friday, June 6, 2014

Spinach Hummus Melts

One of my favorite ways to eat spinach!

The spinach has looked so gorgeous for the last couple of months; lush, green, and bigger every day. We had a really hot week, and suddenly the spinach wanted to bolt. I saw the seed heads just as they were beginning to form, so I quickly harvested all the leaves I could before they'd get too bitter to eat.

This spinach type is an heirloom called 'Bloomsdale Long Standing' from Baker Creek Heirloom seed company, and it's the first time I've grown it (or any spinach). It has awesome flavor! While I didn't let any of these plants go to seed, I have some seeds left in my packet that I will be planting when the hot summer days are over, in hopes of a fall harvest. I hope to then overwinter the fall planting and collect the seeds when the plants bolt after winter. I'm new to growing spinach, but I am trying to figure it out, because I love to eat it so much! I recently learned about 'mountain spinach, or orach, which is known to last much longer and is slower to bolt. (I first heard of it here on this post by Little Mountain Haven). Orach would be a good green to grow along with regular spinach, and I plan to try it.

We have a lot of recipes that we love for fresh spinach, but with this small harvest I decided to go with one of my absolute simplest ...and it just so happens to be one of my favorites, too.

I never use measurements, because that would just complicate a really simple lunch (or snack). Just use whatever you have, you can't go wrong!
I found this idea on NeverHomemaker (a really great site with tons of good recipe ideas) and have been enjoying it often ever since.

Spinach Hummus Melts

english muffin
spinach (fresh or frozen)
garlic powder (fresh garlic if you aren't lazy)
mozzarella cheese

Cut English muffin in half, and toast the halves in the toaster, or in the oven. Saute the spinach and garlic in a skillet until bright green and soft. Spread hummus on your English muffin halves, top with spinach and Mozzarella, and broil until bubbly. YUM!

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  1. That looks really yummy! I don't have any spinach growing, but I will have to pick some up! <3

  2. Super yummy! I love open faced English muffin sandwiches. Ever try making your own English muffins? I did once and they turned out great! Hmm, I should dig up the photos and write a post about it!

    1. Kelly, I totally DID make English muffins one time! And they were pretty decent! You should write a post about it, for sure. :)