Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lingering Promises

Summer is winding down and many of our plants are closing up shop. Frost will be right around the corner. We miss our green beans; they stopped producing a couple of weeks ago. Most of our herbs are looking very bad, or are completely wilted away. Some of our plants, however, are thriving, and promise to deliver, soon! They keep the excitement of the warm summer alive for us!

Soon we will be looking for ways to extend our harvest into the colder weather. Stay tuned! ;)

Will we finally have peas, after 2 previous failed attempts?

Tigger Melon gets bigger each day

Of course, we still have some beautiful red tomatoes

Yellow pear tomatoes, which grew entirely on their own this year (love those little surprises!)

Beautiful eggplant!

There's another little one peeking out behind

Our potatoes in a pot; we have no idea if anything has grown 'underground'...stay tuned for the harvest!

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