Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kitchen Tip-Garlic Chopper

Found this cute little gadget on clearance at Target, and garlic chopping will never be the same!

Seriously, chopping or mincing garlic by hand is, for me, just a tedious, sticky mess. And as much as I do love my garlic press, it mashes the garlic a bit too much for many recipes. I will never be without a little garlic chopper like this again--it cuts the garlic up into the perfect size mince, and cleans with just a nice rinse under hot water. I've used it dozens of times since I bought it a few weeks ago. One of my new favorite 'kitchen toys'...and it was on clearance! Score!

Tip: If you get one of these, you'll need to scrape out your garlic with a butter knife, then tap out whatever is left with the side of the butter knife. Very easy!

Find it here on Amazon (affiliate link):

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