Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looks like Peter Rabbit found our Cabbage

We took great pride in this cabbage. We planted it back in October (see here). We watched it thrive through the winter, under snow and under freezing rain. We helped protect it with a milkjug cloche (see here). There were two cabbages, but we tore one out in order for the healthier one to have tons of room. Any day now, we were going to harvest it and make soup...

But some little critter came along and had a wonderful snack.

Even if it conjures images of Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor's Garden, we were not very happy about this loss! I thought of harvesting it anyway, and cutting off the eaten part. A totally reasonable idea...but I just couldn't do it.

So we let it sit out for two weeks in this condition, thinking if it were already going to be lost to us, at least the critter could come back and snack some more. But nothing more was eaten from it.

Yesterday we ripped it out and stuffed it into our compost ball. In a bigger garden, we would have many more cabbages and the loss would be just part of the experience. Every garden WILL experience disease, insects, and critters, there is no way around it! It's heartbreaking to see something we worked hard for go to waste. However, we will not give up! In a month or two, we will plant another (or two, or three) and watch it thrive through the upcoming winter. We WILL have cabbage!

We just hope Peter Rabbit enjoyed the fruits of our labors. :)

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