Monday, May 21, 2012

My Big Hands were once Little

My recent blog post about dandelions really generated some interest in my site! I had linked the blog entry on facebook, and it received some very sweet comments. It is so rewarding to know that people are out there reading and enjoying the things I have to say.

Along with the expressed interest in my writing and in this project, I gained some new members. One of those new members is my very own mom! I just got an email from her yesterday, and I wanted to share it here. I was so touched by it! It's funny how some memories stay and some do not, as we go through life. I had completely forgotten about Grandma's 'spring tonic'. Thank you to my mom for sharing this photo and these memories with me.

(I can't get the photo to show up any larger than this--I sure tried to. But that's me and my dad in our backyard, picking dandelions).

Hi Andrea,

It seems your facination with dandelions happened a long time ago.

Do you remember this ? You loved to wear your little prairie bonnet !!

We fried a lot of dandelion blossoms and if you remember they taste a lot like fried mushrooms !

Do you remember the test to see if someone likes butter ?

And do you remember the dandelion hair wreaths you made with your friends ?

AND do you remember that Grandma Marshall made the best wilted dandelion greens you would ever want to taste ? She always called them her spring tonic !! I can still see her with her dish pan and trusty little knife modified to perfectly pluck her little treasures.

I hope you can open and enjoy the picture !

Love you always,


I'll bet Mom also remembers this gift she gave me, years ago:


"I can fly..." refers to a story that I wrote in middle school about...yep, you guessed it, a dandelion.

I guess I really have loved dandelions forever!

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